Flowmeter filling machine
Grepack is one of the toppest liquid filing machine,Flowmeter filling machine in China.During these years of exporting , Grepack now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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Widely used in a variety of viscous liquid, such as oil, lubricating oil and other liquid of high precision quantitative filling.

Main Characters :
1. The advantages of the method of filling in the way: adjusting the dose is convenient and quick, and the measurement of the filling is to be set directly on the touch screen. The different filling of the oil in different temperature is different.

2. The accuracy of the filling machine, after many years of production experience, filling accuracy is more accurate. The weight of the filling can be directly arranged on the touch screen, and the error of each head weight can be directly arranged by the weight of the actual filling.

3. The speed of the filling machine, the traditional power transmission for pressure, pressure, pressure and other factors, the impact of precision and filling speed, the device continues to develop direct use of oil pump as power, the use of frequency converter speed control filling speed, work efficiency is greatly improved, filling fast and slow speed in the touch screen..

4. Filling speed of each head of the filling machine can be arbitrarily set up through the touch screen.

5. Transmission with variable frequency speed control, arbitrary setting speed.

Filling volum scope

1-20 litre

Filling capacity

400-1000 barrel /hour

Filling accuracy


Filling method

Flow meter type

Power source

380V 3+N  50HZ

Air pressure



Max. 98 %

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